Waterstars Training Partner is a user friendly software to plan and analyze your training. This solution helps you to make your training more efficient, more fun and you will be able to track your activity.

The Waterstars workflow is pretty simple: Plan, Record, Analyze. Our hardware and software portfolio follows this workflow as well: plan your training with the Training Partner or right on the instrument, execute it on the device, analyze and archive it with Training Partner. Our hardware and software solutions are very easy to use: there is no need to follow a long user guide to install driver and no need to download different applications: everything runs from the same place.


Plan the training with the Plan tab in the Training Partner Software. Just define and add the workouts and rest with one click to create a training. If your device is connected, it is possible to export the training with one click. The functionality of the training plan was created to  be simple, focusing on the most important workout and rest types used in rowing.

You can create training plans directly on the device as well: just go to the Training Mode menu and create a new training. You find the same functionality withing the instrument menu, but you must navigate with the buttons.


You can execute your training on the device in a very simple way. Just access the function from the menu: choose the Training Mode and select the training! Edit it on the device, or execute it! Your training will be recorded in the internal memory of the device for further investigation.



Analyze your training from the Training Partner! Simply connect your device to the computer via USB, and the software will detect it. Select the training you want to analyze and choose the parameters to analyze with the tick boxes. Simply zoom with the bar and drag the graph to focus on the desired part of your training! Choose the stroke table to go into deeper analysis in a table form stroke by stroke!



Real Time Monitoring

We let the trainers to access the most important information about the athletes real time. Follow the stroke rate, speed and heart rate up to 8 boats at the same time!

Coming soon: Carry out hardcore measurements and analysis real time by accessing the data of forces and angles on each oar wireless!

Training diary

Coming soon: Track your training, identify trends, analyze your results and access the history of your work!