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Hi-tech instrument with great functions: stroke rate, speed with GPS, stopwatch, time and data, and even more!

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Wind is our middle range instrument, it has the function of stroke rate, stopwatch and speed measurement with GPS. It is the Breeze, extended with GPS speed measurement. It gives you accurate information about the boat in real time, you can see your performance in each stroke. With GPS, you can get quantitative and objective information on still water, there is no impeller to make the speed measurement mistrustful! Calibrate it to the speed of the river, if you row on a river, or any moving water, and see the exact changes in each stroke!
The data recording function is extremely useful in the Wind mode, you can analyze the acceleration of the boat and the speed of the boat simultaneously, what can help you to improve the rigger settings and your technique!

Wind functions:

  • stroke rate
  • stopwatch
  • time and date
  • analysis mode
  • speed measurement with GPS
  • LED backlight
  • stroke count
  • data recording
  • direct USB connection to PC


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