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199 excl. VAT

Measures and records the essential parameters of rowing: stoke rate and time.

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The most wanted features in our entry level instrument is here. It measures and records the most important parameters of rowing: the stoke rate, and the time. It is supported by a 3-axes accelerometer to provide credible information about your rowing technique. No magnet, no wires, nothing annoying extra installation needed. Just put it to the boat to any seat, and it measures everything by itself. Record your training, analyze it directly on the instrument, or later on your computer. You can upload the data directly via USB.
The high contrast graphic LCD display with the white backlight helps you to monitor your early morning and late afternoon training also! You can set the backlight on a scale to be as strong, as you prefer!
This product does not contain any moving parts, so that there is nothing to go wrong! The high performance is supported by a lithium-ion battery, what you can charge on the mini USB slot of the instrument!
You can fix it easily with the T-console and a piece of velcro! The additional Velcro strap gives you the creativity, wherever you want to fix it: the footstretcher, the hull… We are also working hard to give you a more interesting fixation option: magnet is coming soon!
Breeze functions:

  • stopwatch
  • stroke rate
  • stroke count
  • analysis mode
  • data recording
  • direct USB connection to PC
  • LED backlight


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